Project Management

By planning and preparation, careful selection of designers, contractors and suppliers, control throughout the life of the project, risk management and stakeholders’ involvement, – we ensure that your project is delivered on time, within the agreed budget and upon established quality requirements.

Cost Management

A critical need as this gives our clients predictability and control of costs and expenditures. During whole project life our clients know how much did they spend and how much more will be needed.


Our in-house expert will select most appropriate supply chain for your project thus increasing efficiency and cost-savings for every expenditure.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality control

Reducing loss and damage to assets; lower workforce absence through sickness, accidents and incidents; reducing the risk of fines and prosecution; increasing staff morale through better working practices and a higher quality environment.

Advisory and Expert Opinion

We help you to take the compared, facts-based decision because we carefully collect and keep project data from all our projects. Sharing of best practices, knowledge and people, as well as professional insights will help you realize sustainable product.

After-Sale and Property Management

Clients who have bought a property from a developer can use our independent supervision and get the clear picture of the construction progress. For properties which have been built we provide excellent property management services maintaining the premises and renting them out if needed.

Next Steps

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